Analysts: Global Elites take 7-8 shots to kill

The analytical service GGPredict found out how many shots players of various ranks need on FACEIT and in matchmaking to kill a spotted opponent. Having analyzed over 550,000 matches, the analysts concluded that the Global Elite player spends 7-8 bullets per kill on average.

As the rank decreases in matchmaking, the number of shots to kill taken by the player increases. Among other things, Silvers need 14-16 shots for this.

The performance of FACEIT players is better compared to those who compete in matchmaking. Upon spotting an opponent, the level 10 FACEIT players take about seven shots per frag, while the level 1 players take 11-12 shots.

Average shots spotted to kill comparison among FACEIT and Steam players looks as follows:

Other studies on the casual players' behavior have been previously published. In particular, analysts found out that Global Elites play in matchmaking considerably less often than the lower ranked players, since as the rank increases, they tend to use the third-party services like FACEIT more often.