CS:GO's peak player count continues to grow

The day after CS:GO's peak player count exceeded 1.5 million users for the first time in history, Valve's shooter set a new record, as during prime time on March 26, game's servers featured 1,519,457 concurrent players.

The previous record lasted only a day: on Sunday, the SteamDB service recorded a 12K player count increase compared to yesterday.

Along with the peak player count, the average number of concurrent players on CS:GO servers is also growing. In March, this statistics reached 830k, which was still 27.5k less than the record set three years ago.

Several days earlier, Valve announced the Counter-Strike 2 release, which will take place this summer. It was also revealed that the company will stop supporting CS:GO pro scene after BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023 and will run the first CS2 Major in March 2024.

Origin: steamdb.info