hasteka becomes IHC's fifth player

The Mongolian club IHC announced via its Twitter account the signing of the 24-year-old Chinguun "hasteka" Bayarmaa to replace Tengis "sk0R" Batjargal, who left the roster in early March.

hasteka has been competing for Clutch for the last four months, winning several tier 3 tournaments and participating in the Asia RMR closed qualifier.

In turn, sk0R has been playing for IHC since March 2022 and, among other things, helped the team to qualify for two Major tournaments. However, Batyargal unexpectedly departed the team, despite being its statistical leader.

The updated IHC roster will debut at the upcoming RMR event. According to the unveiled seeding, in the first round the Mongolian team will face Twisted Minds.

 IHC's current lineup is:

 Garidmagnai "⁠bLitz⁠" Byambasuren
 Sodbayar "⁠Techno⁠" Munkhbold
 Tuvshintugs "⁠Annihilation⁠" Nyamdorj
 Baatarkhuu "⁠Bart4k⁠" Batbold
 Bat-Enkh "⁠kabal⁠" Batbayar

 Erdenedalai "⁠maaRaa⁠" Bayanbat (coach)

Origin: twitter.com