Developers keep on teasing fans: this time they reveal new CS:GO logo

The official CS:GO Twitter account changed its profile header for the second time in the last five days. Now the developers have unveiled a new logo, which many users have managed to associate with the imminent port to Source 2.

On March 21, an image with the inscription CS on a blue background appeared in the CS:GO account. The header also displays a silhouette of a player model with a weapon.

Many fans immediately started speculating that the new logo would be used for the shooter's updated version. Probably, Valve is following the the community's hype, boosting the ad campaign around the upcoming update.

The number of rumors about the game's imminent port to Source 2 engine has increased significantly over the past few weeks. Data miners found several indirect confirmations of the upcoming release, while journalist Richard Lewis found out that the beta version will be released no later than April 1. In addition, Valve previously registered two new trademarks under the names Counter-Strike and CS2.