Valve registers Counter-Strike and CS2 trademarks

The well-known dataminer Aquarius shared an observation via his Twitter account that Valve has registered two new trademarks under the names Counter-Strike and CS2.

The source clarified that Valve submitted applications on March 14. Three days later, the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved the request, after which the registration data became public.

Information on the registration of Counter-Strike and CS2 trademarks provides further evidence of Valve's work on porting CS:GO to Source 2. Rumors about the game's port to the more modern engine first started spreading in 2017 and have increased significantly over the past few weeks.

Earlier, data miners found a significant evidence of the imminent release of CS:GO on Source 2. In turn, journalist Richard Lewis has also reported, citing sources inside Valve, that the beta version of the so-called Counter-Strike 2 will be released no later than April 1.