degster after OG's relegation from ESL Pro League Season 17: "A lot didn't work out"

OG's Abdul "degster" Gasanov summed up via his Telegram channel the results of his performance at ESL Pro League Season 17, from which his team was eliminated after losing to NIP. Russian awper believes that his roster did not succeed in many things at the prestigious league from ESL.

I appreciate those who really support me and my team. I know that this is not the result that both I and the roater want to see, but this is part of professional CS:GO. Sometimes you lose close rounds, and sometimes you take them. A lot didn't work out at this tournament, but I will definitely make the most of it and continue to work.

At ESL Pro League Season 17, OG played with Nikolaj "niko" Christensen as a stand-in, with whom they had previously qualified for the European RMR event. In the starting five, the Dane took the place of inactive IGL Nemanja "nexa" Isaković.

OG competed in Group C, which they started with a victory over 00NATION. However, they subsequently lost to Vitality, paiN and NIP. The team placed 21-28th and earned $8,000 in prize money.