CS:GO’s peak player count exceeds 1.4 million

CS:GO has set a new player count record, as today, March 11, the SteamDB service recorded 1,420,183 concurrent users on the servers of Valve’s shooter.

This statistics has been changed for the seventh time over the past few weeks. The previous record of 1,378,447 users, was set on March 5.

Previously, CS:GO developers explained that the secret of the constant growth of game's popularity lies in the simple-to-understand gameplay, which at the same time provides players with an unlimited potential for improving their skills.

Shooter’s peak player count is breaking records amidst the rumors about its imminent port to the Source 2 engine. According to data miners, the DLC for the new version has already been uploaded to Steam, and the sources of a renown journalist Richard Lewis expect the release of the so-called Counter-Strike 2 before April 1.

Origin: steamdb.info