FURIA's CEO speaks on negotiations with Valve for unbanning guerri

FURIA's CEO, Jaime Pádua, spoke in an interview with GameArena about communication with Valve on unbanning team's coach Nicolas "guerri" Nogueira from participation in Majors. He gave credit to the CS:GO developers' openess, with whom the Brazilian club made its first contacts last fall at Major in Rio de Janeiro.

We had an opportunity to personally meet people from Valve at Major. André Akkari (FURIA's co-owner – ed.) and I met with them and explained everything. They were very polite and understood our arguments. At the time, Valve analyzed the situation from the outside, but I felt that they listened to our request. It was clear that the company wants to help CS:GO's community. They didn’t give any answers and said that the situation would be studied from different perspectives. We were optimistic, but the investigation slowed down and it all boiled down to an e-mail correspondence. Our club sent letters at the beginning and the end of February, and then received positive news.

Valve disqualified guerri in January 2021, when they banned him from participating in five subsequent Majors for convicting him of abusing the so-called coaching bug. The Brazilian specialist was unbanned on March 2 this year.

Origin: youtu.be