$150,000 for Anubis and Tuscan: data miner told how Valve pays map makers

Data miner and creator of the SteamDB service Pavel Djundik shared via his Twitter account information on how CS:GO developers pay for level designers' work. After studying the API of Valve's shooter, he noticed, among other things, a mention of one-time $150,000 payments for Anubis and Tuscan each.

The CS:GO item schema API includes internal things for whatever reason, which includes such bangers like:

One-time Payment for Map 'de_anubis' (USD $150,000.00)
One-time Payment for Map 'de_tuscan' (USD $150,000.00)

Talked to some map makers, Valve asks map makers to create a hidden skin so they can set up workshop revenue flow. Then Valve creates "payments" in the item schema, which ends up linked to said workshop item. Basically a hack to pay mappers as if they submitted a skin.

Anubis was released in CS:GO in 2020, being added to the Active Duty map pool last fall. Several months ago, the creator of the map, Roald Van der Scheur, revealed the details of its making and told how exactly Valve bought the rights to the map from him.

Tuscan was released last summer as part of a 10th anniversary CS:GO's update. This map, most famous in CS 1.6, was redesigned by its creator under the nickname catfood.

Origin: twitter.com