New DLC added to CS:GO. It is likely beta version of game on Source 2

On March 7 data miners noticed that a new application appeared in CS:GO's DLCs. They suggested that this could be a beta version of Valve's shooter on the Source 2 engine.

Data miners compared the addition of CS:GO's new DLC to a similar action by Valve during Dota 2's port to Source 2 in 2015. Back then, the developers uploaded a DLC few months prior to the announcement, during which the game was beta-tested.

Dota 2's update was released on March 7 too, after which lines related to CS:GO skins, stickers and textures were found in the code of Valve's MOBA. This could be another proof that the developers will not release a new game instead of CS:GO, but will port it to Source 2 instead, with all the cosmetics preserved.

The well-known data miner Aquarius added that all these finds confirm that Valve's shooter on the more modern engine can be released any day. According to him, everyone will be able to download the beta version and take part in its testing.

Earlier, journalist Richard Lewis said that Valve will release CS:GO on Source 2 before April 1. He found out that the game would be called Counter-Strike 2.