Valve and ESIC agree on ban system for coaches

Valve and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) have agreed on the rules that will determine the extent of sanctions for the coaches who use the spectator mode bug. The Commission shared this information with the portal.

Previously, Valve ignored the ESIC’s ban system, which provided for mitigation of sanctions for frank confession and assistance in the investigation. CS:GO developers disqualified the coaches based on the Commission's reports without taking its recommendations into account.

Disagreements between Valve and ESIC have led to a significant difference in sanctions from the two parties. For instance, the Commission reduced FURIA coach Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira’s ban issued in January 2021 to four months, while Valve had not lifted his ban on participation in five Majors until March 2, after reaching an agreement with ESIC.

The Head of the Commission, Ian Smith, mentioned that his company had previously suspended all investigations due to differing approaches to assessing sanctions with Valve. After reaching an agreement with CS:GO developers, ESIC intends to complete the investigations of all the remaining cases of the so-called coaching bug abuse.