fnatic’s coach: "I do not want to say it was the cleanest, the way we played in the EPL group stage"

fnatic’s coach Jamie "keita" Hall summed up the results of their performance in the event’s group stage in an interview with the organizers of ESL Pro League Season 17. He was pleased with the advancement to the playoffs, but noted that currently the squad is far from its best.

I think I’m normally pretty good at staying calm. We had a lot of huge lead slips and a lot of reads we had slip. I don’t want to say we were the best but I think what we did well is that even though we did screw up a lot of rounds, maybe we didn’t get all the kills we should, we were good at brushing it off. I do not want to say it was the cleanest, the way we played.

fnatic lost to Outsiders and G2 in Group A at ESL Pro League Season 17, but managed to secure a victory over MIBR, IHC and twice Eternal Fire. The team will start the playoffs of the current Pro League season from the Round of 16.

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