TeamOne's coach criticizes BLAST for organizing Americas RMR qualifier

TeamOne's coach Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu criticized the organizers of the closed qualifier for the Americas RMR event. The specialist was dissatisfied with BLAST's unwillingness to make a change to the schedule so that his team would not have to play the spot-deciding match almost immediately after the end of the previous game.

Well, I have tried to fix this privately but since BLAST is being unreasonable im just gonna take this public. As soon as our bo3 finished they want us to be ready to play in 45minutes, while EG finished their series earlier and had more time to rest. We asked for extended time, at least an hour from now so we can rest after the series, and they are claiming EG wants to follow the schedule, ofc they want it, they havent been playing for the past 4 hours. Now theyre saying we will be forfeited if we dont show up.

Last series of the day and with a spot at the RMR on the line and you guys cant be fucking reasonable and give us at least an hour to go eat and rest mentally to be ready for another 3 hours game? Seriously what the fuck.. There wont be any games after ours either.

Evil Geniuses' coach Daniel "vorborg" Vorborg answered peacemaker, saying that his team had not received any requests from the organizers about a possible postponement of the match.

TeamOne defeated Evil Geniuses 2:0 and earned a ticket to the Americas RMR, which is scheduled to take place from April 5-9.