Europe RMR team list finalized

All teams that will be participating in the upcoming European RMR event have been determined following the completion of the closed qualifiers. The last two berths were booked by 500 and SAW.

The Bulgarian and Portuguese squads qualified through additional matches, where six teams battled out two spots. 500 took over HAVU (16:14 on Ancient and 16:10 on Overpass) and, thanks to the better Buchholz score, advanced to the RMR right away. In turn, SAW, after defeating HEET, had to play a decisive match against JANO (16:14 on Ancient and 16:12 on Nuke).

At the European RMR event, 500 and SAW will be joined by 16 other winners of the closed qualifiers, as well as 14 directly invited teams. The competition, which will be divided into RMR A (April 6-9) and RMR B (April 11-14), will take place in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark.

The team list for RMR A is:

 Bad News Eagles
 Into the Breach

The team list for the RMR A is:

 Team Spirit
 Eternal Fire