IHC qualify for IEM Brazil 2023

Asia's representative for IEM Brazil 2023 has been determined following the conclusion of the region's open and closed qualifier stages. It was IHC who emerged victorious, beating Lynn Vision in the match for a ticket to the championship with a 2:0 scoreline – 16:9 on Nuke and 16:13 on Anubis.

The Mongolian squad, who received one of the direct invitations to the closed qualifier, started the qualifying event with a loss to Eruption. Having fallen down to the lower bracket, the team en route to the grand final defeated Renewal and took revenge on Eruption.

The results of the closed Asian qualifier for IEM Brazil 2023 are:

On the IEM Brazil 2023 team list, IHC joined eleven direct invitees. The four remaining spots will be battled out in the European, North American and South American qualifiers.

The team list for IEM Brazil 2023 is as follows:

 Europe closed qualifier winner #1
 Europe closed qualifier winner #2
 North America closed qualifier winner
 South America closed qualifier winner

IEM Brazil 2023 will take place on April 17-23 in Rio de Janeiro. The big tournament will feature sixteen teams competing for a prize pool of $250,000.