Official: Sprout unveil XELLOW as their new AWPer

Sprout have announced via their official Twitter account the signing of Romanian AWPer Adrian "XELLOW" Guță. Thus, the information previously reported by insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov has been confirmed.

In Sprout's main roster, the newcomer took the place of Fritz "slaxz-" Dietrich. The German player departed the club in December 2022.

XELLOW's previous home was Nexus, where he has played since 2016 and has not achieved much during this time. A few weeks ago, the esports athlete entered free agency along with his former teammates.

The debut of the revamped Sprout roster will take place at EPL Season 17 Conference Europe. The championship, which is a qualifier for ESL Pro League Season 17, will be held online from January 16 to 21.

 Sprout's current lineup is:

 Laurențiu "⁠lauNX⁠" Țârlea
 Victor "⁠Staehr⁠" Staehr
 Ismail "refrezh" Ali
 Rasmus "Zyphon" Nordfoss
 Adrian "XELLOW" Guță

 Danny "⁠BERRY⁠" Krüger (coach)