"I had $3K in fnatic". smooya on how his salary changed throughout his career

British esports athlete Owen "smooya" Butterfield spoke in a live stream on Twitch about how his salary changed throughout his career.

The first time in BIG I had €2.5K, even when we were a number five in the world. Then the second time when I joined, it was £5.5K, which at that time was €7K. I was on €3K the entire time I was on the bench and then they picked me back up and I went back onto €5K. Then I had £8K, which was $10K, in Chaos, and then I had $3K in fnatic.

Smooya also recalled that in order to sign a contract with fnatic, he had to sacrifice a significant sponsorship income.

Before joining fnatic, I had sponsors that paid me $45K for three months of work. And they paid me $45K in one bulk. I was six weeks into my deal, fnatic write me: "Hey, we want you to join". I said: "Of course". But I had these obligations, and they said they did not care, that I had to drop absolutely everything, no sponsors for my stream. So, during my time in fnatic, from salary, I made $12K. I had to give back $22K to sign the contract to fnatic. So I paid to join fnatic. Do you know how mental that is? If I was to just keep streaming, I would've made about $58K during that period, but instead, with salary and prize winnings, I made like $30K. It was still cool, it helped my brand, I appreciated it, it was a good lesson.

During the live stream, smooya also noted that he is now far from returning to the CS:GO pro scene, as the salary level does not match what he receives from Twitch. The Briton added that no team would want to cooperate with him, as he poses a threat to a brand's reputation.

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