device: "In the entirety of 2022 I wasn't paid by NIP"

Astralis' Nicolai "device" Reedtz told that in 2022, when he had a valid contract with NIP and was inactive, the Swedish club did not pay him a salary. The Dane's words came in response to a request for comment on criticism from part of the CS:GO community that during his time at his previous club, he was actually receiving money for nothing.

I don't really read any of the stuff that comes out. I rarely use social media but it doesn't really surprise me. Negativity is a part of the game, and you make a choice whether you feed off it, or you just don't read stuff, it's actually quite easily avoidable.

I want to just state that in the entirety of 2022 I wasn't paid by NIP. Regardless of this, I do feel like people shouldn't be criticized for receiving sick pay if they are unwell.

device has been inactive since December 2021 due to psychological problems. On October 27 this year, it was announced that he returned to Astralis. According to rumors, the transfer of the star AWPer cost the Danish club €600,000.