kassad proposes two reshuffle options to G2 to get out of the crisis

Serbian coach Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović took to Twitter to comment on G2's sensational failure at the European RMR event. He believes that the team will be able to get through hard times, but in order to succeed in the future, it needs changes.

According to Trifunović, the first thing G2 need to do is find a new IGL to replace Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen. He suggested four possible candidates for this role.

2021 was the worst year for FaZe. 2022 is the best year for FaZe. Couple of right people and few right moves can do the same for G2. The question is are there any competent people there to hire the right personnel and make the right moves? Flaws in the system and this is the result of it. G2, NiKo, huNter-, all of them will get over this, it's not the end of the world. Go back to base, locate the problems, make the right moves and carry on.

Now I would love to see karrigan or gla1ve move to G2 at the end of this year. That is a 2023/2024 championship line up right there. Option 2: NiKo or huNter- takes the IGL role (huNter- is smart enough to do that) and they get an aggressive YEKINDAR type of player.

G2 were eliminated from the European RMR event after suffering three consecutive defeats. The European squad lost to Cloud9 and 1WIN in best-of-one matches and then fell to GamerLegion in a three-map encounter.

Origin: twitter.com