Dexerto: ESL and BLAST exploring the possibility of allowing in their tournaments

ESL and BLAST are reviewing the recently announced change in's leadership and will soon decide whether the CS:GO team will be allowed to represent its club at their tournaments, Dexerto reports.

On September 16, it was revealed that Armenian businessman Aram Karamanukyan became the new CEO and investor of Shortly thereafter, VP informed that rosters in all disciplines "can and will compete exclusively under the tag".

The Russian club came under sanctions from all major tournament operators shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. ESL, BLAST and other companies have banned VP based on information about the organization's ties to the government of their country. At the time of the ban,'s roster played under the neutral name Outsiders.

Today, September 21, Outsiders' Dota 2 squad was renamed to on the participants' list for the final qualifying tournament for The International 2022. According to Dexerto, this decision came from Valve.

Journalists in their report suggested that the aforementioned Valve's initiative indicates the possible return of Dzhami "Jame" Ali's squad to its original name at the upcoming RMR event. The qualifier ahead of IEM Rio Major 2022 will take place on October 4-9.