GamerLegion reveal revamped roster with acoR, siuhy and Keoz

GamerLegion have announced via their Twitter account the signings of Frederik "⁠acoR⁠" Gyldstrand, Kamil "⁠siuhy⁠" Szkaradek and Nicolas "⁠Keoz⁠" Dgus, who officially became part of the renewed roster.

acoR and siuhy joined GamerLegion shortly after parting ways with MOUZ. In turn, Keoz previously represented Falcons.

GamerLegion began a rebuilding phase back in July when they parted ways with Sean "⁠eraa⁠" Knutsson, Alfred "⁠RuStY⁠" Karlsson and Patrik "⁠Zero⁠" Žúdel. For the following two months, the organization was engaged in searching and trialing new players.

The official announcement of the three GamerLegion newcomers was a formality as the team has been playing with acoR, siuhy and Keoz for the past month. During this time, the European squad managed to qualify for the upcoming RMR tournament, where on October 4-9 will fight for a ticket to IEM Rio Major 2022.

 GamerLegion's current lineup is:

Mihai "⁠iM⁠" Ivan
Isak "⁠isak⁠" Fahlén
Frederik "⁠acoR⁠" Gyldstrand
Kamil "⁠siuhy⁠" Szkaradek
Nicolas "⁠Keoz⁠" Dgus

Ashley "⁠ash⁠" Battye (coach)