Benched Heroes and GamerLegion complete Europe RMR participants' list

The cycle of four open qualifiers for the upcoming European RMR tournament has come to an end. The list of participants in the event was completed by Benched Heroes and GamerLegion, who had successful runs in the final qualifying competition.

Over the course of the fourth qualifier, Benched Heroes and GamerLegion reached the decisive matches of the main bracket, where they lost to HEET and SAW, respectively, after which they got another chance to qualify for the RMR through additional games. In the spot-deciding matches, Benched Heroes defeated Illuminar, while GamerLegion took over Forward.

Among the participants in IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR, Benched Heroes and GamerLegion join eighteen other qualifier winners and twelve teams that received direct invites based on the results of the previous Major.

The Europe RMR will take place in Malta from October 4 to 9 being split into two parts. As of now, only those teams that were invited directly have been seeded.

The team list for IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR A is:

 Team Spirit
 Bad News Eagles
+10 open qualifier winners

The team list for IEM Road to Rio 2022 Europe RMR B is:

+10 open qualifier winners

The list of open qualifier winners looks as follows:

 Eternal Fire
 Benched Heroes