cogu steps down as O PLANO coach three weeks before the start of Americas RMR

Brazilian coach Raphael "cogu" Camargo took to Twitter to announce his departure from O PLANO for personal reasons. The specialist leaves the team three weeks before the start of the Americas RMR event, where the Brazilians made it through the open qualifiers.

cogu has coached O PLANO since the beginning of August this year when the team was announced. During this time, the roster played only at the above-mentioned open qualifier for the upcoming Americas RMR.

As of now, there is no information about who will coach O PLANO at the qualifier for the Major, which will be held on October 5-9 in Sweden. The tournament will feature sixteen teams competing for six spots in IEM Rio 2022.

Recently, O PLANO's in-game leader Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe announced a fundraiser for the bootcamp. The team plans to start preparing for the RMR event on September 19, for which it needs $9,500.

Current  O PLANO lineup:

 Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe
 Gustavo "yel" Knittel
 Caike "caike" Costa
 Guilherme "⁠piriaz1n⁠" Barbosa
 Gabriel "NEKIZ" Schenato