Prize pool of BLAST Paris Major 2023 will amount to $1.25 million

Participants of BLAST Paris Major 2023 will compete for a total prize pool of $1.25 million, which is $250,000 more than that of previous Majors, according to Editor-in-chief Milan "Striker" Švejda with reference to BLAST's press release.

The BLAST Paris Major will have a prize pool of $1.25 million, according to BLAST's press release. I was told Valve covers all of it, so moving forward we might see the $250k increase from previous Majors become the standard in the future.

In 2013, Valve began holding CS:GO Majors which had a prize pool of $250,000. In 2016, this amount was increased to $1 million and subsequently changed only once. The exception was PGL Major Stockholm 2021, where, due to the cancellation of the previous Major, the prize pool was increased to $2 million.

BLAST Paris Major 2023 will take place from May 8 to 21 in Paris. The prestigious event will be hosted by the 20,000-seater Accor Arena.