draken and RuStY to continue their careers in British club Into the Breach

British esports organization Into the Breach has officially announced the signing of William "draken" Sundin and Alfred "RuStY" Karlsson. The duo of Swedish players thus finalized the roster for the next season.

In the Into the Breach main lineup, the newcomers replaced Owen "smooya" Butterfield and Thomas "Thomas" Utting, who have represented the club since March of this year. For smooya, the last five months have been a trial period, while Thomas played as a stand-in.

Sundin's previous team was Savage, which he joined in January 2022 after returning to CS:GO from Valorant. In turn, RuStY spent the last three years in GamerLegion.

The renewed Into the Breach roster already played several matches together and managed to win the online tier 3 event ESEA Summer 2022 Cash Cup 2. The team's upcoming matches will take place in a LAN environment at Assembly Summer 2022 from August 4 to 8.

Current  Into the Breach lineup:

 Adam "⁠Adam9130⁠" Ahmad
 William "⁠dobbo⁠" Dobson
 Cai "⁠CYPHER⁠" Watson
 William "⁠draken⁠" Sundin
 Alfred "⁠RuStY⁠" Karlsson

 Gustavo "⁠Juve⁠" Alexandre (coach)

Origin: www.itb-esports.com