Official: AMANEK joins LDLC

LDLC have announced the signing of François "AMANEK" Delaunay via their social media. The club's press release confirms the information reported earlier by insider Guillaume "neL" Ratier.

The announcement of Delaunay joining LDLC comes just hours after the French player was released from his contract with G2, where he played from 2019 to 2021.

After signing with the 28-year-old esports athlete, LDLC have to decide on the rest of the lineup members. As of now, besides AMANEK, the roster features seven little-known players, two of which are currently on trial.

The next matches for LDLC will take place in two weeks at the opening stage of ESEA Advanced Season 42 Europe.

Current  LDLC lineup:

 François "⁠AMANEK⁠" Delaunay
 Filip "⁠Graviti⁠" Brankovic
 Remi "⁠Diviiii⁠" Alexandre
 Ryan "⁠Neityu⁠" Aubry
 Hugo "⁠Brooxsy⁠" Di Bono
 Eythan "⁠unshaark⁠" Solomon
 Arthur "⁠Snobling⁠" Benard (trial)
 Matthieu "⁠Razzmo⁠" Mellot (trial)

 Lambert "⁠Lambert⁠" Prigent (coach)