OverDrive: degster close in on OG move

Russian AWPer Abdul "degster" Gasanov, who now has an active contract with Team Spirit, is close to moving to OG, insider Alexey "OverDrive" Birukov wrote on Twitter, soon after which the information was confirmed by reputable journalists Luis Mira and Guillaume "neL" Ratier.

Birukov, who previously reported that Gasanov's buyout from Team Spirit amounted to $300,000, did not share any additional details about the possible deal.

degster has been benched in Team Spirit since early June. The reason for the player's removal from the starting five was his unwillingness to permanently reside in Serbia and disagreements with the team regarding the playstyle.

Being on the sidelines in Team Spirit, the sniper stood in for OG at BLAST Premier Spring Final 2022. Together with the Russian, the team finished the big event in 3-4th place.

In case of signing with degster, OG will most likely part ways with the Polish esports athlete Mateusz "mantuu" Wilczewski. If it happens, the European club's lineup will look as follows:

 Shahar "⁠flameZ⁠" Shushan
 Nemanja "⁠nexa⁠" Isaković
 Adam "⁠NEOFRAG⁠" Zouhar
 Maciej "⁠F1KU⁠" Miklas
 Abdul "⁠degster⁠" Gasanov

Origin: twitter.com