CS:GO Update Release Notes for 13/07/2022


– Fixed a regression in the kill panel to show the killer’s weapon.

– Fixed a rare interruption in map veto process in Premier matchmaking when players disconnect.
– Updated low violence version of "R8 Revolver | Crazy 8" weapon finish.


– Wheeled out the ancient usable cannons.
– Docks building roof is now easily accessible.
– Began reconstructing house near Industry.
– Drops can now spawn on docks building.
– Drops can no longer spawn above rock tunnel near Observatory.
– Added weapon spawns at Docks building, Hospital and Industry.
– Removed place names when pinging.
– Improved clipping at Tourist.
– Minor other changes.

– Reworked handrails to prevent headpeeks.
– Removed train horn sound on bombsite.
– Made middle statue area a bit brighter.

Origin: blog.counter-strike.net