apEX on M4A1-S nerf: "Before, it was easy to kill even if you can't aim well"

In the press conference for IEM Cologne 2022 participants, Vitality's in-game leader Dan "apEX" Madesclaire shared his opinion on the recent change to the M4A1-S. He believes that now that the magazine of this weapon has 20 bullets instead of 25, it will be much more difficult to play for esports athletes without good shooting skills.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

The problem with this weapon is that people played it aggressively, without teamwork, and just relied on their individual strength. Now that there are 20 bullets in the magazine, it will be more difficult to do this. If someone manages to get a triple kill from the same magazine, it will be considered an incredible round. Everyone will play more collectively, not on their own. People will make one kill and fall back, instead of continuing to spray. Learning to spray with the M4A1-S is very easy, which is why before, it was easy to kill even if you can't aim well. I think the situation will balance out following the nerf, but only time will tell. We have not had a single tournament with the new M4A1-S yet.

The CS:GO update, which saw the M4A1-S being changed, was released on June 16. Along with the nerf of this weapon, Valve also significantly reworked Ancient, changing several key positions.

Origin: ru.csgo.com