ESEA's investigation into coaching bug abuse on its platform completed 

ESEA has completed the investigation into the spectator mode bug abuse on its platform, the popular matchmaking service announced on Twitter. 

Our investigation of the recent spectator bug on our platform is complete as we have programmatically gone through all available demos from the time of the bug being uncovered. We have banned accounts that have abused the bug and passed the associated evidence for each incident to ESIC and we are open to adjusting the duration in line with their recommendation.

A month ago, ESEA reported on the suspension of four coaches convicted of using the bug in various league's divisions. The platform then banned the little-known in the CS:GO community specialists for two years. 

Summing up its investigation, ESEA did not unveil the accounts blocked. Since the aforementioned ban of four coaches, sixteen more people have been added to the blacklist of the company for various types of cheating.