OverDrive: "Outsiders do not practice much. Perhaps the decisions about the future have been made?"

Esports blogger Aleksey "OverDrive" Birukov on his Telegram channel suggested that the players of Outsiders are currently aware of what changes will take place in the team following PGL Major Antwerp 2022. In his opinion, this is evidenced by the lack of normal practices of the roster ahead of the Major.

Outsiders seem to have issues with preparation. Both YEKINDAR and Jame stream during regular pracc sessions. It means that the team does not practice much. Perhaps the decisions about the future have been made?

Earlier, Virtus.pro CEO Sergey Glamazda spoke about the possible reshuffles in the Outsiders lineup, which plays under a neutral name, since the team was banned from all big tournaments. The head conceded that the reshuffle after the Major is likely to happen, noting that given the current situation in the world, all the decisions will be "emotional and personal."

Shortly after Glamazda's statements, journalists discovered that YEKINDAR would decide on his future in the team after PGL Major Antwerp 2022. Dexerto reported that Virtus.pro would not stand in the way of the star player’s transfer.

The upcoming Major will be held in Antwerp, Belgium from May 9 to 22. Outsiders will start the tournament from the Challengers Stage, facing MIBR in their opening match.

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