Vitality CEO on signing former Astralis players: "We want to be the best"

The French organization's CEO Nicolas Maurer gave an interview to Inven Global, where he talked about the massive roster change that took place in early 2022. According to the head, Vitality added the two former Astralis players in order for the renewed team to become the leader of the competitive scene.

In CS, we've been thinking about an international project for a long time, we knew that Vitality CS:GO was going to go international one day, we just didn't know what the timeframe was going to be. In 2021, this was one of the scenarios considered and among the most likely because we don't want to be in second or third place, we don't want to just make the quarter-finals, we want to be the best. So that's the way we thought about it and we went to talk to the Astralis players, knowing that we were going to move towards an international roster.

Maurer added that in their current state, Vitality have no problem attracting the strongest esports athletes in the world.

If we take the example of Counter-Strike for us, it's very easy. We have the best player in the world in ZywOo, we have a history of success, everyone wants to play with us.

After the reshuffle, Vitality did not manage to reach the playoffs of two big tournaments, which were IEM Katowice 2022 and ESL Pro League Season 15. The team currently continues competing at Europe RMR A.