Magisk: "Vitality wants to win tournaments, to be able to beat NAVI, and that's going to take time"

Emil "Magisk" Reif, a player of Vitality, gave an interview to, where he talked about the workflow in his new team, as well as the short and long term goals that the roster set. According to the Dane, Vitality intends to become the strongest team in the world, but it takes time to achieve this status.

Our short term goals are about improving and becoming as good as we can as fast as possible, but we're not really working in the short term. We want to win tournaments, to be able to beat NAVI, and that's going to take time. It'll take some disappointing moments in the near future, but we'll still play to win. It doesn't matter how good we are. So yeah, we're hoping that our individual level and as a team is good enough to win tournaments, but for us the long term is what matters. It's about winning the biggest tournaments, being the best team in the world, and that's going to take time and it will be a long process, but I know we have the pieces to do it.

Reif noted that after the reshuffle of Vitality's lineup, all the players will continue to play their roles, which will significantly simplify adaptation.

In terms of roles I don't think anyone has changed a single position on any map, everyone has their same roles. I haven't changed any positions, it was really easy. I think maybe misutaaa is the only one who changed like one position, but that's it, everyone is playing what they want. The fit is amazing and everyone is happy with the roles they have. This makes it a lot easier when getting into it because people are used to their roles, they know how to play them and all of that.

The tactics were a bit different, it was a bit hard for us Danes because most of it comes from the Vitality side, from apEX, since he's the in-game leader. But we've also implemented stuff that worked from Astralis and some of the anti-stratting and stuff like that. It's a mix of everything.

Magisk added that he is looking forward to the start of official matches in 2022. He believes that amid many reshuffles that took place, the next twelve months will be the most interesting in the history of the professional CS:GO scene.

This year feels like when we were winning everything in Astralis and everyone was changing rosters all of the time, but with NAVI. It's a bit weird, but also fun being on the other side, although I would prefer to be on the NAVI side and winning everything [laughs]. It's like G2, they had to buy an AWPer to challenge NAVI or s1mple would continue to destroy them. It was the same with Vitality, they felt like they had to bring in more experience and players that have been on the biggest stages and know how to win tournaments.

This year is going to be the most interesting year in Counter-Strike history, there are so many storylines, so many new teams, so many insanely stacked teams. It's going to be so interesting, so much fun, and the team that ends as the best team of the year will be remembered for something special because this is one of the most stacked years in history. It's nuts, man, I'm just excited to see how it goes. Obviously we want to be the best team but we can't know that for sure yet.

The debut of the new Vitality roster will take place today, January 30, when the team will face off against Evil Geniuses in Group C at BLAST Premier Spring Groups 2022. The best-of-one meeting will start at 17:00 MSK.