es3tag: "I need to be fluent in Swedish to show my best in NIP"

Patrick "es3tag" Hansen, a player of NIP, believes that fluency in Swedish is a key factor for successful results in the team. Answering a question from a journalist during the IEM Winter 2021 semifinalists press conference, the Dane assured that his full adaptation in terms of language and game will happen not earlier than at the beginning of next year.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

Of course there has to be a period of adaptaion to the team and the new language. This is the first stage. I need to be fluent and think fast in Swedish to show my best in NIP. This takes time. During the coming winter break, I will get the necessary amount of time for training.

How long am I in NIP? Around three weeks. But we only had a week of full-fledged practice. This is not enough to work on strategies on six maps and play at three tournaments, which go one after the other.

Now, it is difficult to evaluate the development phase of our team. The goal remains unchanged – in 2022, all the players of NIP want to win tournaments, including the Major.

NIP announced the signing of es3tag on November 17. At their first tournament, which was BLAST Premier Fall Final 2021, the renewed Ninjas lineup took the last place.

At the ongoing IEM Winter 2021, the Scandinavian team made it to the semifinals, where they will face off against G2 on December 11.