Report: MOUZ seek replacement for ropz

MOUZ are looking for someone to replace Robin "ropz" Kool, who intends to continue his career in another team. This was reported by the French website aAa, citing their own sources.

According to the journalists, FaZe have been interested in ropz transfer over the past few weeks. The source does not specify who the 21-year-old Estonian may replace in the new roster if the negotiations are successful.

At the same time, MOUZ have already decided on the player on the Kool’s position. According to the information published, the management of MOUZ is aimed at Justin "jks" Savage, who was benched and transfer-listed in Complexity in early November.

ropz has been representing MOUZ since April 2017. Together with him, the team became the champion of many big tournaments, including ESG Tour Mykonos 2017, StarLadder & i-League StarSeries Season 4, ESL One New York 2018, CS: GO Asia Championships 2019 and ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals.

If the changes announced by aAa are to take place, MOUZ’s lineup will be as follows:

David "frozen" Čerňanský
Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras
Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand
Christopher "dexter" Nong
Justin "jks" Savage