groove: "I rate Gambit's performance at the Major as good – B+ or A-"

Konstantin "groove" Pikiner, a coach of Gambit, in an interview to the club's YouTube channel summed up the results of his team's performance at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. Considering the lack of experience of the roster, the specialist was satisfied with the 3-4th place.

I rate our performance as good – B+ or A-. The only thing that neither me nor the guys were satisfied with was how we played the final map – Mirage. Everything else... Bronze medals at a Major, especially if it is the first in your career, is very good.

According to Pikiner, the lack of experience and the inability of coaches to communicate with the players during matches are some of the reasons that prevented the Russian squad from taking a higher place at the Major.

There are things that you cannot fix. You can talk about them as long as you wish, but you still don’t know how to do it. You can read as many books as you like about the first kiss, watch as many movies as you want, but only when this happens over and over again, for the tenth time, you will be a good kisser. Things like playing in front of an audience of thousands... Until you do it for the fifth or tenth time, until this happens... The number matters in this case.

The difference between the six and five of us is still there. But we are trying to get these two different teams to the same level and negate this difference. This, again, is a matter of the experience and progress of the team. The same four young players are still there.

Gambit ended their run at PGL Major Stockholm 2021 after being defeated by NAVI in the semifinals. The 3-4th place, which the team shared with Heroic, earned them $140,000.