arT: "For the next Major, they’re gonna have to put more spots for Brazil"

In-game leader of FURIA, Andrei "arT" Piovezan, in an interview to Rush B Media, expressed hope that at the next Major, the representatives of his region will be given more slots. According to the Brazilian, this issue is currently under discussion at Valve.

Piovezan also noted the strong support of the Brazilian fans at PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

It’s funny because we are in Sweden, and Brazilians cannot really enter Sweden because of government stuff, but there are a lot of Brazilian fans. The community was great and they’re cheering for us on stage. Of course, it’s nice to have such a huge region cheering for us. But at the same time, it’s not as good because it’s good for the region to have as many teams as they can in the Legends Stage or even playoffs. That means the scene growing and there is more representation and it also means that if future events they can get more spots, you know?

So if Brazilian teams managed to go to all from South America qualifiers to Legend status, that means a lot for them because for the scene as a whole. For the next Major, they’re gonna have to put more spots for Brazil, which is deserved right now, but that’s under conversation with Valve and not gonna get into it. But yeah, it’s a huge responsibility, but also, nice but sad at the same time.

Overall, four Brazilian teams took part in the ongoing Major: FURIA, paiN, GODSENT and Sharks. The first three squads made it to the Valve's tournament through the North American qualifiers, while Sharks qualified from South America. Among all the Brazilian teams, FURIA showed the best performance, reaching the playoffs, where they lost to Gambit in the quarterfinals.