s1mple on Major's grand final: "NAVI players need to be even more focused"

Alexandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, an AWPer of NAVI, gave an interview to the Russian-speaking PGL Major Stockholm 2021 broadcasting studio, in which he shared his expectations for the final match against G2. He believes that in order to win, his team needs to be as focused as possible, because unexpected results can happen quite often at such big tournaments.

I'm surprised that G2 have been showing a good level of play throughout the tournament. It will be a tough match. Even the last match against G2 in Cologne was difficult. Despite a 3:0 win, the first half of each map ended with a close score line, like 8:7, after which we had to step it up. I hope we will play better now than in the last final. We won them twice in BO5, but this time it will be different. Moreover, this is a Major, where each team can both surprise and upset. NAVI players need to be even more focused.

Kostyliev went on to say that for him the Major title is much more important than the award of the most valuable player of the tournament.

We never discuss who will be the MVP of the Major. We just want to win. For instance, I will not be upset if, say, NiKo becomes MVP, but we win.

The match between NAVI and G2 will take place today, November 7, at 22:00 MSK. In addition to the champions trophy, the winner will get $1 million.

You can follow up on the ongoing Major on the event’s page on our website via this link.

Origin: youtu.be