Peak viewers record in Majors' history set at PGL Major Stockholm 2021

The new peak viewers record in the history of Majors has been achieved at PGL Major Stockholm 2021. The record was set during the quarterfinal confrontation between NAVI and Vitality with 1.35 million people watching at its peak. The data was provided by the analytical service Esports Charts.

The previous record was set four years ago during ELEAGUE Major 2017. At that time, the decisive - Astralis match garnered 1.33 million viewers.

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 topped the ranking of the five most watched Majors two days before its end. All the other top-5 events from Valve reached the peak only in the final matches.

The current five most viewed Majors:

1. PGL Major Stockholm 2021 – 1,35M 
2. ELEAGUE Major 2017 – 1,33M 
3. ELEAGUE Major 2018 – 1,32M 
4. IEM Katowice 2019 – 1,20M 
5. FACEIT Major 2018 – 1,08M 

PGL Major Stockholm 2021 with a prize pool of $2 million takes place from October 26 to November 7. Four teams that reached the semifinals are: NAVI, Gambit, G2 and Heroic. You can follow up on the Major on our website via this link.