Coaches not allowed cheering on players during PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Valve, the main sponsor of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, informed the tournament participants that any verbal support of players by coaches is not permitted. This was announced by Danny "zonic" Sørensen, a coach of Astrtalis, on his Twitter.

According to the new rules, during matches, coaches must keep silent while behind the squad's backs and are allowed to take any action only during tactical timeouts. Otherwise, the specialists will be removed from the championship venue.

Some coaches and players, including PGL Major Stockholm 2021 participants, criticized Valve's decision. At the same time, ESL freelance Esports Referee Michal Slowinski and some other members of the professional CS:GO community suggested that by implementing the new rules, the Major organizers were tackling possible fraud. According to them, there are many ways of communication between a coach and a team through shouts and gestures, which can negatively affect the integrity of the event.

The new paragraph to the rules of the ongoing Valve’s tournament has become an addition to the previously introduced requirement, according to which coaches are not allowed to touch their players during matches.

The upcoming PGL Major Stockholm 2021 matches will be held tomorrow, October 30, in the round 1 of the Legends Stage. The full schedule, up-to-date results and the live stream of the tournament are available on the event’s page via this link.