Reddit users choose first PGL Major Stockholm 2021 stage favorites

The survey results among users who made their Pick'Em Challenge predictions for the first stage of PGL Major Stockholm 2021 have been published on Reddit. The statistics is based on 1239 responses.

Most of the people surveyed chose Astralis and Heroic (33.4% and 16.7% respectively) as favorites of the Challengers Stage that will not drop a single match. On the contrary, Sharks and TYLOO are considered the main outsiders of the Major (41.1% and 25.4% respectively). The rest of the teams in these categories have no more than 9.1%

According to the survey, the eight Challengers Stage finalists are likely to be Astralis (93.8%), FaZe (93.0%), Heroic (88.4%), ENCE (87.1%), (83.1%), BIG (82.6%) , MOUZ (81.7%) and Team Spirit (42.0%).

The upcoming Major kicks off tomorrow, October 26. You can follow up on the championship on our website via this link.