BIG Academy and NAVI Junior to compete in WePlay Academy League S2 LAN-finals

The youth BIG and NAVI rosters have become the winners of the Play-In stage at WePlay Academy League Season 2, thus securing their spots in the LAN-finals of the championship. The CIS squad qualified without a single defeat, while the German team made it through the lower bracket.

Final Play-In bracket:

In the list of participants in the WAL S2 LAN-finals, BIG Academy and NAVI Junior joined Young Ninjas and mouz NXT, who were the strongest teams of the group stage. The squads will face off in a Double Elimination bracket, where the grand final will be played in a best-of-five format with a one-map advantage for the winner of the upper bracket.

It should be reminded that the final stage of the second WePlay Academy League season will take place in Kyiv from November 12 to 14. The prize money of $88,000 will be distributed among the four participants.