forZe call the conflict with Team Spirit misunderstanding

forZe have responded to the allegations from Team Spirit regarding players poaching on their Twitter account. According to the published press release, uncoordinated negotiations indeed took place, however they were caused by inaccurate information about the contractual obligations of an unnamed esports athlete.

forZe admitted their interest in one of the members of Team Spirit Academy, noting that any contacts with the player were cut off immediately after receiving the information on his agreement with Team Spirit.

Earlier today Team Spirit published a statement on their social media. We were actually interested in one of their academy players as we had information that a specific player was in free agent status. As soon as we learned that it was incorrect information, our management apologized to Team Spirit staff for misunderstanding.

By publicizing our version of today's events, we want to remind our colleagues that we are always open to dialogue.

A representative of Team Spirit in a commentary to noted that the forZe’s management did apologize for the inappropriate negotiations, but after the conflict was settled, he again contacted one of the academy members with an offer to move. This is what caused bewilderment among the club's management and led to the situation being unveiled.

Currently, the conflict between Team Spirit and forZe has been resolved. Team Spirit tweeted that all the problems have been settled privately.