yel: "MIBR players understand that we are not unbeatable in Brazil anymore"

Gustavo "yel" Knittel, the in-game leader of MIBR, believes that now his team cannot be considered the undisputed leader of their region. According to his words, quoted by Globo Esporte, a lot of strong teams have recently shown up in South America, and those can offer MIBR some serious challenge.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

The defeat to Sharks in the last RMR tournament made us open our eyes. MIBR players understand that we are not unbeatable in Brazil anymore. Many rosters have significantly improved their level of play. Bravos, Paqueta and Havan Liberty are very strong teams. Earlier, playing for BOOM, we could easily beat them, but now everything has changed.

There is also 9z, who previously came to Europe and were able to beat Vitality. The South American scene as a whole has changed a lot. The pressure is not only on us.

Knittel added that the main goal of his squad for this year is to reach PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

Reaching the upcoming major is the main goal of the season. It is important to us to represent MIBR at this tournament. We have been working on this since last year. We have prepared a lot of new stuff for the upcoming RMR event. MIBR will be a completely different team in the third qualifier.

Currently, MIBR are leading in the South American RMR ranking, being 55 points ahead of Sharks. Only one team, who is to be determined in the follow-up to IEM Fall 2021 (September 29 - October 3), will secure a spot for the major.

It should be added that BLAST Premier Fall Groups 2021 will be the next tournament for the Brazilian roster. From 20 to 22 September, the team will compete in Group B along with G2, NIP and BIG. Today, September 20, at 17:30 MSK, G2 will be the team’s first opponent.