JW: I'm not done with CS, and leaving fnatic is a good kick in the ass

Former fnatic AWPer Jesper "JW" Wecksell, who was previously excluded from the main team’s roster, stated that he is not intended to end his CS:GO journey just yet. In an interview with Richard Lewis, the Swede noted that parting ways with the ex-team will allow him to start a new chapter in his career.

The parts quoted are the translation from our Russian website.

After being benched in fnatic, I got a little lost in terms of realizing what will happen in the future with my career. I actually stayed in the same place for eight years. One thing I know for sure: I'm not done with CS, and leaving fnatic is a good kick in the ass. Perhaps, this is a chance to try something brand new. I would like to prove to the whole world and especially to myself that the last nine months are not an indicator of what kind of player I am. And this is definitely not what my career will be remembered for. Hopefully key achievements are yet to come.

According to Wecksell, he is considering creating his own roster as an option for continuing his career. At the same time, the player has no intentions to enter the international market and prefers to focus on the development of the Swedish scene.

We’ll see if I get good offers from some organizations, or create my own team. I have been contacted by several clubs already, but their offers are not quite what I need at this point of my career. <...> In the case of creating my own roster, I will definitely invite Swedish players, and not search for options around the world for an international roster. I would like to contribute to the Swedish CS again. In addition, I know the local scene and have experience of working with sponsors.

Let us recall that JW was put on the bench in fnatic at the end of July this year. Along with the lineup change announcement, the organization proclaimed the transition to an international roster, which was later joined by the British Alex "ALEX" McMeekin and William "mezii⁠" Merriman.

Origin: csgo.ru