Heroic: HUNDEN leaked all the team's tactics, not only anti-strats

Former Heroic coach Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen, who has previously got a two-year ban for sharing information on his team's tactics with third parties, leaked not only a part of strategies but all of them. This is reported in the official statement of Heroic, which denied Petersen's words that the leakage of information to an Astralis employee did not harm the Casper "cadiaN" Moller's team.

The files that we, so far, know for a fact were shared were not developed by Mr. Petersen alone, but in joint effort with the Heroic players. The content of the documents reveals what our team look for, how we think, and how we outplay our opponents, both in various map settings and sides in the game. It describes our philosophies in specific scenarios, such as mid round calls, when X and Y happens, and how we want to abuse and manipulate rotations.

In aggregate this provides a lot of information about how we think as a team. The documents cover far more than where opponents like to stand and what setups they use. They give detailed instruction on how we act vs set teams, how we want to play vs specific smokes, and what exactly we look for in our preparation – which can be manipulated in the wrong hands.

According to Heroic, before the start of IEM Cologne 2021, HUNDEN closed access to the document with tactics on purpose, which negatively affected the squad's performance in Cologne.

Our players also highlight the impact of Mr. Petersen restricting access to their own folder, a deliberate action which limited their ability to prepare and hence our chance to perform our best during this year's IEM Cologne.

Also, Heroic drew attention to the clause in the HUNDEN's contract, according to which all accounts created by him or any other member of the organization during the agreement belong to the employer.

Origin: twitter.com