Media: Movistar Riders will bench smooya and return to full Spanish lineup

Movistar Riders will soon exclude British sniper Owen "smooya" Butterfield from the main roster. According to the Dexerto portal, this decision is due to the club's desire to return to a Spanish-speaking roster.

According to the source, Movistar Riders will not demand a large buyout amount from teams interested in signing smooya and will consider any offers.

It is also reported that Iberian Family members David "Dav1g" Granado Bermudo, Raul "DeathZz" Jordan Nieto and Alvaro "SunPayus" Garcia will fill the three vacant roster spots after smooya leaves.

Butterfield himself indirectly confirmed rumors of a possible parting with Movistar Riders. On one of his streams, he said in Spanish: "Soon you will see five Spanish flags."