IEM Cologne 2021 trophy has been presented

ESL, the organizer of IEM Cologne 2021, revealed what the tournament's new trophy will look like. The announcement came as part of a video dedicated to the prestigious event's playoffs starting July 16.

The video presents the most memorable moments of all tournaments in Cologne, which until the recent rebranding was called ESL One Cologne. In particular, the authors included Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer's defuse on Overpass and Alexander "s1mple" Kostylyev's clutch on Cache, when the Ukrainian killed his two opponents without using his AWP scope.

According to ESL Vice President Michal Blicharz, the new IEM Cologne 2021 trophy was heavily inspired by the cup that was played in Cologne previously. Before the start of the current championship, it was made by the same masters who created the IEM Katowice trophy.