NAVI reclaimed 2nd spot in weekly rankings

NAVI took second place in the updated ranking of the best teams in the world from the authoritative portal The CIS representative displaced the Danes of Heroic, who were ahead of "Born to Win" for only a week, to the third line.

BIG and Heroic also improved their position in the top ten. The European squads also added one position each, forcing the Brazilian team FURIA to drop down.

Evil Geniuses made the most progress in the top-30 over the week, gaining enough points to make it back after making the playoffs of the current IEM Summer 2021. K23 and FaZe dropped out of the published list.

The rankings are updated weekly and primarily take into account the results of the past two months. Team achievements from the past year are also taken into account, with the number of points for past successes decreasing with each month.