AGO have lost ESL Polish Spring 2021 championship title due to stream sniping accusations

The organizers of ESL Polish Championship Spring 2021 have stripped off the title of the winner of the tournament from AGO  due to accusations of stream sniping. The title went to HONORIS, which has been defeated by AGO in the grand final.

The decision to review the results of the championship was taken after the investigation, which was attended by ESL and the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC). The subject of the review was a video published in social networks, which shows how during the final match in one room with the players AGO were club employees who watched the game via the broadcast and were in direct contact with the team.

ESL Poland noted that representatives of AGO have fully cooperated in the investigation. Thanks to this, the members of the commission refrained from a more severe penalty. In particular, the Polish team could have been disqualified for two years from all ESL tournaments.

AGO has appealed against the decision of ESL and drew attention in its statement that the tournament operator was given all the necessary audio and video materials, proving that the players had not received any information about the actions of the opponent. The club will challenge the deprivation of the title at ESIC.